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The Great Iceland Adventure!

By Chase Jul23,2019

Welcome to a new series of videos all about Travel!

To kick it off, the beautiful country of Iceland!

Earlier this year we travelled to the awesome island country of Iceland, where we spent 12 days touring and visiting all while staying in a camper van!  Here below lays out our adventure!  In this posting we will cover Day 1 (Travel to Iceland) and Day 2!  (Don’t worry, we will be posting other days, but wanted to get started with this first!)

Special thanks to my lovely wife Katherine Nunes for cataloging our journey into blog form with information and links below!  If we missed anything or if you have questions, please post them!

Day 1:

  1. Keflavik
  2. Reykjavik
  3. CampEasy
  4. Costco and Bonus
  5. Church
  6. Sun Voyager sculpture
  7. Handknitting Association of Iceland
  8. Reykjavik Campground

We barely have any photos or video of our first day, mainly because we were dead tired from the flight. After landing in Keflavik,  we took a flybus from the airport to the main bus terminal in Reykjavik. From there, we waited to be picked up by CampEasy and shuttled to their office. Upon arrival, we checked out our camper, which would be our home for the next 12 days. 

The first place we visited was Costco!  We were surprised at the sheer amount of English there was on everything. We picked up so much food, we ended up giving a lot back to CampEasy when we checked out. Why do we not have gelato or that orange drink at American Costcos? Bonus was conveniently located next to Costco, and here we got an authentic Icelandic shopping experience. We also obtained our first souvenir, a branded, reusable shopping bag. Found out the hard way that hardfiskur was not our thing, despite us both liking the fish jerky we get at our Asian supermarket. Appelsin, on the other hand, was much tastier than any orange soda I’ve had in the states. 

The first floor of the church was gorgeous! The second floor is where you get all the amazing views of Reykjavik, but you have to take a scary elevator to get up there. I hear they’re now renovating the scary elevator. Hopefully they renovate the second floor to look like the first floor too. Second floor really looked its age, but the views were stunning! We then hit up the Sun Voyager sculpture to take some photos.

The Handknitting Association of Iceland was much smaller than we expected. We found hats for our family. Unfortunately no sweaters chose us here. 

We ended our day at the Reykjavik Campsite, which was pleasant and cozy in the hostel itself. Unfortunately the campground is about a block away from the bathrooms, which was a cold walk in the winter at night. I have a fond memory of slipping and almost falling on some ice here. We also stayed here for a night before we went home. I dunked my entire foot in a pothole full of icy water then too. I assume this area has elves.

Day 2:

  1. Pingvellir National Park
  2. National Power Company of Iceland
  3. Kerid Crater
  4. Geysir
  5. Gulfoss
  6. Secret Lagoon
  7. Camping Selfoss

We hit up the visitors center at Pingvellir National Park, which has notably odd bathrooms with clear walls. The view was amazing and if I hadn’t been in a bathroom, I would have taken a photo. The walk up to the visitor’s center is very pretty, with rock walls surrounding you.

The National Power Company of Iceland was much more interesting than the name implies. There were many interactive exhibits and the staff was very informative. 

Kerid Crater was such a short walk from the parking lot that it was honestly disappointing. However, we took our first goofy photo here, and helped others take their photos. Was it worth the price? Well, it’s a hole in the ground. We were there at a time of year where nothing is growing, so that might’ve affected the view as well. I’d pay to see a concert here though.

Geysir, like everything in the Golden Circle, was full of tourists going beyond designated areas and doing foolish things. It was odd to see people repeatedly risk getting burned for a photo. It was a bit muddy and cold here. I was very thankful for snow pants.

Gulfoss ruined all other waterfalls for me. I mean it was seriously majestic. We got to hear someone speaking in Spanish, smack-talking an American woman who walked into his video shot. He didn’t seem to like it when I started laughing.

The Secret Lagoon  is the purest Icelandic bathing you’ll experience, with nudity everywhere, people following hygiene rules properly, and the darkest, mossiest water. It was definitely nature’s hot tub, and much more like a hot pot experience than the spa-like experience of the Blue Lagoon.

That’s all for now!  We will be posting more of our Great Iceland Adventure over on our YouTube channel and will also be posting further updates as blog posts here!

Thanks for reading!

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