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By Chase Jul9,2012

GeekGamer.TV represents the culmination of dedication, an authentic spirit, fun-loving enthusiasm, and an unwavering commitment since its inception in 2005, starting with Hoser Chat. Personally, I’ve strived to transform this platform into a delightful haven for gamers and geeks alike, a place where they can gather, share their passions, and relish great times—a dream come true. 😊 Our core focus revolves around fostering a strong community while preserving the purity of our content and, most importantly, enjoying every moment.

In recent years, we’ve meticulously and steadily crafted exceptional internet content. We owe immense gratitude to our listeners and viewers from all corners of the globe!

As time progresses, the expenses associated with delivering this remarkable content continue to rise (servers, bandwidth, and more). Therefore, we kindly request that if you have genuinely enjoyed our content, you consider becoming a monthly supporter and utilizing our referral links for your online shopping needs.

Even though we occasionally feature sponsors on our shows, your support allows us to keep these to a minimum and consistently provide outstanding content to our network.

Thank you for your support and investment in GeekGamer.TV—my aspiration is that one day I’ll be able to dedicate myself fully to this endeavor. 😊 — Chase

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