Tue. Jun 18th, 2024

Team Seattle heads to the 2024 IFPA!

By Chase Feb27,2024
In March, the Seattle area is proudly dispatching five accomplished pinball champions to the Midwest for the IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championship, the Women’s North American Championship Series, and the North American Championship Series.
Sarah Bay from Bremerton and Leslie Ruckman, a recent California-to-Seattle transplant, will be showcasing their talents in the Women’s North American Championship.
Additionally, Leslie, Hannah Hatch from Kent, WA, and Ashley Weaver from Renton, WA, are set to compete in Women’s Worlds.
Notably, Richie Terry from Kent, WA, will represent our state in the IFPA World Nationals! LETS GO WASHINGTON!!
While GeekGamerTV sadly wont be in attendance at these events, we’re inviting the Seattle area pinball community to rally behind this awesome group!
Good Luck and bring home some gold!! 🙂

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