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DeadScope Interview & Demo at PAX West 2019

By Chase Sep2,2019

Horror VR? Yes this is a new genre and we checked it out and got all the details about DeadScope thanks to Matt from ME Games!

DeadScope is a virtual reality horror game based on stealth-system mechanics with tons of horrifying demons and possessed beings.

  • DeadScope is built specifically for the best VR Horror experience possible.
  • Sight and sound are a core mechanic in DeadScope.
  • Equipped with your DeadScope, a periscope like device, you can peek over and around objects to get a better understanding of your surroundings.
  • Discover secret messages, hidden areas, and track the demons around you by using your DeadScope.

In DeadScope, you play as a trapped individual who must escape from a village infested with demonic creatures and possessed beings. Take cover in grass and brush, and hide behind objects to avoid the creatures at all cost. It will be horrifying, but you must explore the village and strategize your escape on-the-go. Tap into your senses as the stealth system relies heavily on finding cover and quietly treading your way to safety. Outsmart and misdirect creatures by finding objects like lanterns, sticks, and cans to throw and distract them.

Stealth and observation are your greatest assets to surviving this terrifying experience. Use of the DeadScope is essential. Demons respond to sight and sound. Plan your movement and path carefully. Your life depends on it!

DeadScope is attempting to redefine the horror experience.
It is our belief, that if you do not use VR in your horror game, you are being left behind.

Co-founder of Alienware, Nelson Gonzalez says this about VR, “This is a new medium, it’s an unwritten canvas.” We at Me Games wish to tap into this unwritten canvas with DeadScope.

Music by: http://www.davidcuttermusic.com / @dcuttermusic

DEMO Video:  https://youtu.be/uboEJGoMEok

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