Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
2019 Northwest Pinball Championships Recap
Hey Everyone,
I just wanted to share a few words and thoughts from last weekend’s 2019 Northwest Pinball Championships!
Every year during this tournament we tend to get some amazing moments and the past weekend didn’t disappoint! We saw some incredible pinball play from Escher Lefkoff putting up over 63 Billion Points on Batman 66 during qualifying, to an amazing Classics Finals game on Magic (with two rollovers!), in addition to an awesome Women’s Final Saturday night (during a big thunderstorm!) with Hannah Hatch getting the big win, Robert Gagno dazzling us with his talents getting the Open win and then ending the weekend on “Big and High Stakes” going to Karl DeAngelo.
All these great moments (and many others) would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the great volunteer help, I received from many of you, from the setup, testing, announcing, to breaking it all down at the end of the weekend. Thank you so much.
This is all a passion project for me with many hours of personal time and money invested in it. I really want to see Pinball get more exposure and help this sport that I love get it’s due. I’ve watched many hours of online streams of other eSports (like Rocket League, NBA 2K and others), see the big quality productions that are produced and wonder….why not Pinball? While I’m appreciative that we have seen pinball on ESPN 8 (the ocho), it really should be on ESPN (or any other outlet) with full coverage, interviews and with a high-quality production in tow.
That being all said, I do need some help! 😊
One thing that I’m admittedly not great with is making connections with those that would be willing to provide sponsorship assistance toward the streaming side of major tournaments. (While there are sponsors that cover the tournament, that support goes towards the actual tournament itself and not the stream or video side of the coverage.)
My dream is to expand the big quality tournament coverage to other top regional pinball events (like Seattle Pinball League Finals, NWPAS Tournament, Portland Pinbrawl, Vancouver BC, etc.) but in order to do that I need more help. I’ve thought about starting a Patreon, Kick-Starter, IndiGogo or maybe doing local fundraisers to help offset the costs involved in creating quality coverage, but I’m not sure how this would be received by the community? Would you support something like that? Are there better ideas? Please let me know – I’m all ears.
In any event, I will continue to stream the Northwest Pinball Championships even if I don’t get any sponsors. I love doing it (both in the technical sense and announcing it) and will return next year in 2019!
Later I’ll be posting all the technical details of the setup (for those interested) and I’m also happy to announce that sometime in the future I’ll have more casual pinball streams that will take place from home & from local pinball locations (like Another Castle!) 😊
Again, thanks to all of you who helped the broadcast (setup, during and take-down of equipment) and supported the stream on Twitch (either by watching, sharing, giving bits, subbing, following) – I appreciate it immensely!
See you all next year at the Northwest Pinball Championships!
Chase Nunes

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